Nos réalisations

Our platform can be used either as a whitelabel service for other healthcare providers, or simply as a telemedicine IT platform for your own needs. Our questionnaire module is very flexible and allows the integration of specific protocols and allows support for various disciplines. Thanks to our programmable questionnaires and our specific tracking and follow-up module, we are able to easily create customized solutions such as automated isolation or quarantine tracking.

Hôpital de la Tour à Meyrin / Centre médical Medin à Bienne / Touring Club Suisse

Our platform is available to the public under the label of the Hospital de la Tour, TCS or Medin. The same protocols of platform are used . Our doctors take care of the patients who come to these dedicated sites. A health care provider (GP, permanence or hospital) can also use our protocols and take care of the cases themselves with his collaborators.

For the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

Since December 2020, we have been mandated with OneDoc to digitise the booking of appointments for Covid vaccinations. Our platform prioritises vaccinations in case of vaccine shortages or when the capacities of the centres are exceeded. Our tool allows you to move your appointment and offers a specific interface for the hotlines of the cantons. It allows us to take care of people who do not have a mobile phone. In this context, we have also developed a prioritisation tool available to each canton. The source code has been published by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to ensure the highest possible degree of security. In addition, the platform is one of the four health applications in Switzerland that is a member of the Swiss Federal Information Security Registration and Analysis Centre (MELANI).

Wappen Uri

Each citizen has an account and a login that allows him or her to manage vaccination appointments (first vaccination, postponing, cancelling, etc.). The canton can manage the waiting lines and optimise the filling of the various vaccination centres. In addition to being able to define its priorities, a canton has a tool for communicating important information to citizens, a hotline mode allowing cantons to take care of people who are having difficulties with digital and an advanced statistics module.

Canton de Neuchâtel – Nomad

Nomad is mandated by the Canton of Neuchâtel to carry out all COVID-screening in the Canton. We have implemented the Coronacheck specific to the state of Neuchâtel and citizens can directly make an appointment in the screening centers of the state. The algorithm sends to specific centers/agendas (either for rapid tests or specific people). The platform is integrated directly with OneDoc online appointment scheduling.