Our philosphy

A new vision
of digital medicine

High-quality medical treatment, at an affordable price, wherever you are, in 8 languages - that's Soignez-moi.ch's goal!

Our idea sprung from the predicted significant lack of general practitioners and also from the fact that 20% of the Swiss population say that they avoid visiting a doctor for financial reasons. We want to provide high-quality, accessible healthcare for simple symptoms with no waiting.

Furthermore, digital healthcare is starting to gain ground and will certainly transform modern healthcare. Nowadays, patients want to:

  • Avoid travelling for no reason and wasting time in a waiting room
  • Receive a medical opinion, as well as the relevant medicine if needed, for rapid relief
  • Go to Accident & Emergency only when absolutely necessary
  • For an attractive and affordable price

Our solution answers
a social need

  • Among DPCO countries, Switzerland has the highest level of private individual participation preventing access to basic healthcare1: in 2012, 10% of Swiss people didn’t visit a doctor because of the cost2, this percentage increased to 16.2% in 2016 and 20% in 2017.
  • 56% of Swiss people have an excess of over CHF 3003

... And a need of
public health

  • In the DPCO, Switzerland has a high density of doctors but a lower than average proportion of general practitioners1. According to OBSAN (Swiss Health Observatory)2
    • 15% of active general practitioners are over the age of 65
    • 60% will retire within the next decade
  • On average, a Swiss person visits a general practitioner 2.4 times a year, in other words 19.2 million consultations4, meaning there will be a deficit of 12 million consultations by the year 2030.

Today, telemedicine
is already a reality

Today this represents between 5,000 and 6,000 calls per day (1.4 million per year) in Switzerland, so reducing visits by the same amount. Moreover, 70% of calls can be resolved directly while 30% require a visit to the doctor afterwards.

1 OECD Health data 2015.
2 OBSAN Dossier 56, Clémence Merçay, Nov 2016.
3 Stat KV 2016, OFS 2018.
4 The number is actually 23.7 million if we include the 16.2% who no longer go to the doctor.