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According to OBSAN, 60% of general practitioners will retire within the next decade and 20% of people no longer go to see a doctor due to the cost.

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In order to tackle the predicted lack of general practitioners, and to help patients who want to be seen immediately while receiving good quality care, we have set up a digital solution for primary healthcare which will allow us to handle simple diagnoses safely.

We are looking for
doctors who:

  • have a recognised medical qualification with a registration number and are comfortable using computers
  • want to help develop digital medicine
  • wish to be able to respond to a public health need
  • want flexible work: between a few hours per week and full time
  • are looking for an attractive salary while maintaining a good work-life balance thanks to teleworking.
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Do you want to practise telemedicine?
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We are recruiting experienced doctors in general internal medicine.

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